Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why we should use images in our blogs and how?

This is my post for challenge 5 activity 2. We should use images in our blogs because it lets people understand the post more so I will tell you how. First you right click the picture and click save picture as. Then you click on the insert an image icon. Then you click on the select files button. Find the images on the hard drive. Then click on open to upload the images. While your  images are uploading you will see a bar. This show your progress. The window should be closed now and your image should be in your post.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is my post for challenge 3 activity 8. Every country has a mascot or a favoured toy. New Zealand's favoured toy is buzzy bee. Buzzy bee is probably the most favoured children's toy in New Zealand. The buzzy bee toy is basically a bee on wheels with a string attached to it. Who knew this toy could be so popular? For an image of Buzzy bee look below this post.
Buzzy bee

What you can do in Otorohanga.

This is my post for challenge 3 activity 2. If you were to come to Otorohanga you would have to know what some of the must see places are. There is the Sir Edmund Hillary walkway, the kiwihouse and the wall with kiwiana stuff on it. The kiwi house has some of New Zealand's native birds in it. The museum is also a must see place. There also is a holiday park which you can find out about if you go to the inside view of one of the campavans in the holiday park look below.
Campavan- inside view

My question to everybody who reads my blog

This is my post for challenge 2 activity 5. If you had a chance to be ruler of 1 country and 1 only what would it be? Why do you pick this country?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our atheletics training

Yesterday we had Libby to give us some tips on our running.  First we had to answer her questions.  Her questions were like how do you walk, jog, run and sprint.  Then we did some relays.  We also got to bound and that is a mix between jumping and running. Next week we are practising long jump and high jump.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My holiday

In the holiday I have done lots of fun things.  For example I went to Candyland and got to make my own lollypop.  I also got to play mini golf at Taupo.  I got a hole in a one.  I went to the movies and watched Diary of a wimpy kid.  I also got to watch Despicable me.  Those movies were cool.  What is your favourite movie and why?